Necromancy: The Journey Begins

Future RuneScape 3 Update: Necromancy

Necromancy, RuneScape 3's newest combat skill rises from within the The City of Um, once a beacon of light for lost souls, has fallen into darkness. The Well of Souls, once a gathering point for the spirits of the dead, lies empty.

This coming Monday, August 7th at 12:00 Game Time, the realm of Necromancy unfolds in RuneScape 3 (RS3).

Delve into the City of Um, which once radiated hope for wandering souls but is now enshrouded in shadow. The Well of Souls, previously teeming with spirits, is desolate. Rasial, The First Necromancer, has mesmerized these spirits.

Curiously, Rasial sees potential in you. He seeks a pupil to shape and control. Though once a revered mentor, his ultimate aim is life's annihilation and death's unmaking. To thwart him, harness the arts he manipulates and liberate the spirits he's ensnared.


Jump into Necromancy with no prerequisites up to Level 20 in free mode or Level 120 for subscribers.

Start by seeking 'Necromancy!' in your Quests List and explore the oddities at Draynor Manor. If you've set the Draynor Lodestone, you're close by. Alternatively, stroll East from Falador or South-West from Varrock. Enhance your experience with the in-game music (Ctrl+G activates it). Immerse yourself in Necromancy.

Leave your inventory behind but brace yourself mentally for an innovative combat style.

New to combat? No worries! Necromancy offers intuitive depth, guiding you through skills and abilities as you evolve. Power up organically through the narrative.

Got queries? Delve into our blog posts about Necromancy's lore, rituals, the City of Um, and combat.


To optimize your Necromancy experience, consider these levels:

86 Archeology (for a Quest at 75 Necromancy)

Under 150 each of Archeology Materials (Ancient Vis, Blood of Orcus & Imperial Steel)

66 Magic (for a Quest at 75 Necromancy)

77 Dungeoneering (for a Quest at 85 Necromancy)


Show off your necromantic flair with the Necromancy Founder Pack from the Marketplace, available on August 7th. It pairs perfectly with core Necromancy gear.


Necromancy is the harbinger of an exhilarating RuneScape season. Over the next three months, anticipate new quests, bosses, a Halloween event, community hitlist updates, and more.

Engage with various content creators for insights into Necromancy's evolution and their hands-on experience.


Following the release of Necromancy, we'll focus on your feedback and suggestions as our priority.

We've set a whole month's worth of content development aside to put the focus firmly on working with you to make Necromancy even better. From launch through to September, we'll be providing weekly update blogs to keep you informed of any feedback we're reviewing, any bugs that we're working on fixing or any other changes coming to the skill - and we'll have plenty of deeper discussions through our Livestreams too.

September won't mark the end of our efforts to continually evolve Necromancy, but this will be where we are most timely in responding to your feedback.


Necromancy is about to bring two new bosses to RuneScape - and later this year, you'll get a third one!

Our upcoming Quest and Boss pick up from where the Fort Forinthry storyline left us with Dead & Buried. Beyond that, we'll leave you to speculate!


Mysterious, we know. We've been working on a new feature update for RuneScape - unrelated to Necromancy - that we're excited to introduce you closer to the time.


We know there are a lot of fans out there of our Seasonal Events, which have been iterated on over the past few years. That said, we know you've been looking for something a bit fresher from these events - so we're working on how we can make this year's Halloween Event more unique than past years. Look for more info in October.


As development shifts away from a huge amount of focus on the behemoth that is Necromancy, we're going to have the opportunity to get back to your Community Hitlist submissions. Expect the next strike in November.

Ready to master the arcane? The world of Necromancy beckons!