How to do the Griddy Cebration Fifa 23


The Griddy Celebration in FIFA 23

 Griddy Celebration in FIFA 23


Welcome to the thrilling and highly anticipated FIFA 23 experience! With each new installment, FIFA brings a multitude of gameplay innovations, exciting game modes, and, of course, a plethora of new celebrations to unleash after scoring a goal. Among these, the viral dance sensation, The Griddy, takes center stage and is an absolute must-have addition.

Ever since the early days of FIFA, celebrations have played a pivotal role in immersing players into the virtual world of football. In FIFA 23, the celebration repertoire has been significantly expanded, offering a wide array of options to express our euphoria after scoring that game-changing goal. However, one celebration, in particular, has captured the attention and hearts of virtual footballers worldwide—the celebration known as The Griddy.


The Griddy entails tapping your heels, swaying your arms from side to side, and forming your Bs by lifting both hands to your face in the shape of spectacles. Scoring a goal is the clear prerequisite for executing The Griddy in FIFA 23. Only after successfully scoring a goal can you "drop the Griddy" and guide your player to perform the dance of your choice.

How to do The Griddy celebration


Upon scoring a goal, you'll need to hold down R2/RT and flick the right stick twice to execute The Griddy. This action will prompt your player to effortlessly perform The Griddy in FIFA 23, showcasing a celebratory dance that takes them across the field in jubilation.

Alternatively, if you score with Christian Pulisic, the Chelsea midfielder known for The Griddy as his trademark celebration, you can simply press X on PlayStation or A on Xbox to trigger the dance in FIFA 23. This unique feature allows you to seamlessly perform The Griddy and celebrate in style with Pulisic's signature moves.

¿Where does The Griddy celebration come from?

The Griddy originated as a viral dance created by LAHGRIDDY and quickly gained widespread recognition, thanks to its popularity among prominent personalities. Notably, both American football and soccer have embraced The Griddy as a popular celebration, making it a cross-sport phenomenon loved and recognized by fans across different sporting communities.

With its growing fame, The Griddy has transcended beyond just dance circles and found its way into video games like Fortnite, and most recently, Madden and FIFA 23. While not everyone may execute the popular dance flawlessly, players can certainly expect to witness The Griddy a lot more frequently in these gaming universes. Its widespread adoption ensures that this iconic celebration continues to captivate and entertain players and fans alike.