[OSRS] Fastest smithing XP

OSRS Fastest Ways to Train Smithing

Smithing is an in-game skill in OSRS through which you can create metal equipment’s using a variety of ores and metal bars. The raw materials gathered to train this skill is done by Mining, which is a later process are used to smelt metal bars that can be hammered down to create different items. These items are mostly used for combat purposes, as well as to train other skills like Fletching and Crafting.


(Level 1-29)

The best way to train your skill if you have a low-level Smithing account is by completing quests. You can start off with ‘The Knight’s Sword’ quest that will grant you 12,725 Smithing experience upon completion. It will help you boost from level 1 to 29 in Smithing, without much of an effort. There’s also another quest called ‘Elemental Workshop 1’ which grants you 5,000 Smithing experience, and it takes around 5 minutes to complete. However, if you don’t feel like questing, the fastest way to level 15 is by buying 193 Bronze Bars and smithing the best possible items.

Blast Furnace

(Level 29-40)

The most profitable and fastest way from level 29 to 40 Smithing is by making iron bars at the blast furnace. To gain access to the furnace, you must start ‘The Giant Dwarf’ quest, until the part where the first cut-scene ends. This will also enable the Blast Furnace teleport on your minigames tab for easier travel. It is also recommended that you choose the active minigame worlds while using the furnace, as the minigame is always running there. If your Smithing level is below 60, then you have to pay a specific fee to the ‘Blast Furnace Foreman’ for using the furnace, which rounds off to 250 gold coins for a minute, 2.5k for 10 minutes, and 15k for an hour.


(Level 40-99)

From level 40, you can start with the most viable training method in-game, and that’s by making gold bars at the Blast Furnace. The process differs from making iron bars, as you’ll have to wear Goldsmith Gauntlets and have Ice Gloves ready in your inventory to switch after the experience drops. Starting off, you’ll have to place the gold ores on the conveyor belt while equipping the Goldsmith Gloves and then switch to Ice Gloves which will allow you to take the gold bars. This process gives around 300 – 350k Smithing experience per hour, and to reach 99, you’ll need exactly 231,268 gold ores.

Boosting Items

To speed up the process, it is essential to have Ice Gloves, which can be obtained in the form of a drop by killing the Ice Queen. There’s no real requirement other than level 50 Mining to enter the area where she resides in. Another important item is the Goldsmith Gauntlets, which provides you with double the experience while smelting gold bars. However, there’s a requirement to complete ‘The Family Crest’ quest in order to obtain the gauntlets. You can also make the best use out of coal bags that hold 27 coal pieces, allowing you to save time and energy. It can be bought from the Motherlode Mine for 100 gold nuggets.

Alternative Method

(Level 40-68)

At level 40, you can start making gold bars till level 68. This method provides about 360 – 380k experience per hour and requires you to use 10,104 gold ores to reach the desired level.

(Level 68-88)

Another fast cheaper alternative to 99 Smithing is by making Mithril and Adamant Plate Bodies. At level 68, you unlock Mithril, which provides around 180 – 200k Smithing experience per hour, and you’re required to make 15123 plates to reach the level.


(Level 88-99)

From level 99 it is quicker, as you can start making Adamant Plate Bodies, which provides 220 – 250k Smithing experience per hour if you’re an efficient trainer. You’ll need to use 138,380 Adamant bars to achieve 99 in the skill.


The whole process costs about 26 million, which is half the price used as compared to the Blast Furnace method above. The plate body method takes over 50 hours to reach level 99, while the minigame method takes 35 hours, but is costlier. Good luck getting your Smithing to level 99!