[Diablo 4] Necromancer Build Guide

Necromancer Diablo IV Guide

Unlock the dark arts of Diablo IV with our comprehensive Necromancer build guide. Master the balance between life and death as we break down optimal skill choices, gear recommendations, and leveling strategies.

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1. General Tips for Leveling in Diablo IV:

1.1. Recommended World Level: For a smoother and faster leveling experience, it is recommended to start at World Level 1 (Adventurer). Although you can opt for an additional challenge at World Level 2 (Veteran), the 20% additional experience from monsters doesn't compensate for the extra time it takes to defeat them, resulting in a slower and more cumbersome leveling process.

1.2. Complete the Main Story: Before you can engage in endgame activities such as the Capstone Dungeon (unlocks World Level 3), Nightmare Dungeons, or the Tree of Whispers, it's important to complete the main story. This will allow you to unlock additional content and face more challenging encounters.

1.3. Obtain a Mount: Getting a mount is an important step in your leveling journey. We recommend saving your world explorations, such as searching for the Altars of Lilith, until after obtaining a mount. This will allow you to move more quickly through the world and access different areas more efficiently.

1.4. Participate in Public Events: As you progress in your leveling, pay attention to public events happening in the world. These events offer additional rewards and experience when you join other players to complete challenges together. Participating in public events can speed up your progress and provide additional benefits.

1.5. Explore and Complete Side Quests: Take the time to explore the world and complete side quests. These quests will not only provide you with additional experience but also allow you to uncover interesting stories and rewards on your journey. Don't limit yourself to just the main story, as there is valuable content in side quests as well.

2. Skill Tree Points





Bone Splinters

Basic Skill


Enhanced Bone Splinters

Basic Skill


Blood Surge

Core Skill


Blood Surge (Level 2)

Core Skill


Blood Surge (Level 3)

Core Skill


Blood Surge (Level 4)

Core Skill


Blood Surge (Level 5)

Core Skill


Corpse Explosion

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Enhanced Corpse Explosion

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Hewed Flesh

Core Skill


Hewed Flesh (Level 2)

Core Skill


Hewed Flesh (Level 3)

Core Skil


Grim Harvest

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Grim Harvest (Level 2)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Grim Harvest (Level 3)

Corpse & Macabre Skill

At this stage of your character's progression, it is optimal to shift all your points from Blood Rush to Bone Spear, as both are located in the main cluster. This allows you to use Corpse Explosion to eliminate any additional enemies that Bone Spear may not have killed without having to get close to your enemies.





Enhanced Bone Spear

Core Skill


Supernatural Bone Spear

Core Skill


Corpse Explosion (Level 2)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Corpse Explosion (Level 3)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Corpse Explosion (Level 4)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Corpse Explosion (Level 5)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Skeletal Warrior Mastery

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Skeletal Warrior Mastery (Level 2)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Skeletal Warrior Mastery (Level 3)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Plaged Corpse Explosion

Corpse & Macabre Skill



Corpse & Macabre Skill


Serration (Level 2)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Serration (Level 3)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Compound Fracture

Corpse & Macabre Skill



Corpse & Macabre Skill


Evulsion (Level 2)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Evulsion (Level 3)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Unliving Energy

Core Skill


Ossified Essence

Key Passives


Unliving Energy (Level 2)

Core Skill


Unliving Energy (Level 3)

Core Skill


Fueled by Death

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Fueled by Death (Level 2)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Fueled by Death (Level 3)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Blood Mist

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Compound Fracture (Level 2)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Compound Fracture (Level 3)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Imperfectly Balance

Core Skill


Imperfectly Balance (Level 2)

Core Skill


Imperfectly Balance (Level 3)

Core Skill



Curse Skill


Enhanced Decrepify

Curse Skill


Necrotic Carapace

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Necrotic Carapace (Level 2)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Necrotic Carapace (Level 3)

Corpse & Macabre Skill


Death´s Reach

Curse Skill


Death´s Reach (Level 2)

Curse Skill


Death´s Reach (Level 3)

Curse Skill


Amplify Damage

Curse Skill


Amplify Damage (Level 2)

Curse Skill


Amplify Damage (Level 3)

Curse Skill


Decrepify (Level 2)

Curse Skill


Decrepify (Level 3)

Curse Skill

3. Leveling as a Bone Spear and Corpse Explosion Necromancer:

The leveling build for the Necromancer with Bone Spear is a high-damage ranged build that offers consistency on the battlefield, ensuring your damage output stays high as you accumulate Essence to keep casting Bone Spears. This makes it a very effective build for leveling as a Necromancer.

Thanks to its high damage output, this build will take you smoothly from the beginning of the game to the end of the campaign, and even allow you to play solo in the Capstone Dungeon of the Light Cathedral.

Playing solo can be fun, but it's also great to play with friends if you have the right setups. The high damage of this build makes it very appealing to play in a group, as enemies will constantly be vulnerable, allowing the rest of your group to greatly benefit from having you on their team.

4. Mechanics and Gameplay Style:

The build starts by using Blood Rush as your main source of damage output, along with Corpse Explosion. This works well, but it requires you to get close to enemies. However, this is resolved by shifting your points to Bone Spear, which will become your primary source of single-target damage. Thanks to the combination of explosive corpses and the Grim Harvest passive, you can easily use Bone Spear to take out initial enemies and finish off the rest of enemy groups with Corpse Explosion, rebuilding your Essence and creating a smooth gameplay style during your leveling experience.

When facing bosses, you'll want to use all your Essence by casting Bone Spear. Thanks to your Grim Scythe providing corpses, along with the Serrated Fangs passive, you should always have an ample amount of corpses around enemies to create a chain of explosions with Corpse Explosion. In addition to re-summoning your skeletons if necessary, this rotation will repeat consistently.

If you find yourself without Essence and corpses, you can use your Bone Shards to create corpses and regain Essence.

Please note that these tips are based on information prior to September 2021 and there may be changes to the mechanics and skills of the Necromancer in Diablo IV once the game is officially released. Stay tuned for official game updates to get the most up-to-date and relevant tips for leveling as a Necromancer in Diablo IV.

5. Book of the Dead

It is the Necromancer's class-specific skill in Diablo IV, which allows you to summon different types of minions as you level up.

5.1. Melee Skeletons: We recommend using Reapers. The second effect option for these skeletons grants them a 15% chance to create a corpse on hit. Since the build benefits from both damage and Essence gain from corpses, this option is ideal.

5.2. Mage Skeletons: In the early leveling stages, you can opt to use the Frost Mage Skeleton version to gain Essence on hit. There's no need to invest in their long-term survival, as it would delay their resummoning instead of providing benefits to your build. In this setup, the choice is to sacrifice them as Cold Skeletons, which will provide us with additional damage against Vulnerable enemies.

5.3. Golem: When you gain access to the Golem, it is recommended to use it as an effective tank. The Golem is resilient and helps aggro enemies, allowing you to safely inflict damage from a distance. You can choose to use the Bone Golem, which provides corpses when the Golem takes a certain amount of damage, or the Blood Golem, which redirects a portion of the damage you receive. Both options are excellent during this stage of the game. Towards the end of the campaign, you can consider sacrificing the Iron Golem, which provides additional critical damage to the Necromancer.

6. Legendary Item Affixes:

To unlock Affixes in the Codex of Power, you must complete the corresponding Dungeon where the specific Affix drops. Then, visit the Enchanter to imprint this Affix onto an item. Affixes from the Codex of Power are mainly used on weapons.

In particular, there is a legendary Affix that is really powerful and worth mentioning for this build, which is the Shattered Affix. This Affix is unlocked by completing the Guulrahn Slums Dungeon in Act 3, Dry Steppes.

The Shattered Affix allows us to make enemies Vulnerable, which in turn allows us to switch Supernatural Bone Spear to Paranormal Bone Spear. Most importantly, we can reliably make large groups of enemies Vulnerable. The Affix stands out more for its effect rather than the damage increase it also provides.

Affixes found on discarded legendary items have stronger effects than those applied from the Codex of Power. Additionally, it's important to know that certain Affixes can only be obtained by finding them on a legendary item and are not available through the Codex of Power.

Extracting Affixes from unusable legendary items to imprint them on well-rolled rare items is an option. However, avoid imprinting valuable extracted Affixes on weapons, as weapons are often replaced frequently during the leveling process. We strongly recommend applying the Affixes to one of your Rings, which will allow you to have more free space to equip enhancements. In case you find a higher-quality Ring, you can replace it without losing the Affix and without wasting valuable materials by having to reapply it each time.

7. Equipment Choice and Stat Priority While Leveling:

When leveling, it is a priority to seek equipment that increases your total damage output. This means giving more importance to the damage on your weapon. It's important to note that if you find a one-handed weapon with higher item power, it might be better than a two-handed weapon when paired with an off-hand or even a shield, as shields increase the power of your main weapon by 80%.

In addition to this, pay attention to the following modifiers, without a specific order:

- Damage against Vulnerable Targets.

- Critical hit chance.

- Critical hit damage.

- Lucky Hit Chance, which is very effective as it helps generate more corpses to maintain the Bone Spear and Corpse Explosion rotation.

- Bone Spear level.

8. Gems:

Below are the best gems to socket in your equipment for each type of slot.

- Weapon: Emerald to increase critical hit damage against vulnerable enemies.

- Armor: Ruby to increase maximum life.

- Jewelry: Skull gem to increase all resistances or the gem that provides the resistance type you need the most.

9. Elixirs and Health Potions:

To gain an advantage in your adventures, visit the alchemist in Kyovashad and craft elixirs that enhance your stats and experience for 30 minutes. Don't forget to gather the necessary crafting materials by searching for plants. Choose an elixir that provides the resistance you need the most, or try the Weak Onslaught Elixir to increase your attack speed by 7%.

Return to the alchemist again when you reach levels 20 and 30 to upgrade your potion. Additional healing is essential for your survival.

Please note that these tips are based on information prior to September 2021 and there may be changes to the mechanics and features of equipment and stats in Diablo IV once the game is officially released. Stay tuned for official game updates to get the most up-to-date and relevant tips for equipment choice and stat priority while leveling in Diablo IV.

10. Tips for End-Game Content After Level 50:

The leveling build in this guide is designed to take you up to level 50, but as you approach or reach that milestone, you may wonder what activities you should engage in Diablo 4. Below, we'll briefly go over some of the things you can and, in some cases, should do after reaching level 50.

10.1. Complete the Level 50 Capstone Dungeon:

You should change the difficulty to World Tier 2 and complete the Level 50 Capstone Dungeon, which is located in Kyovashad, within Fractured Peaks. Although you can complete it below level 50, it's recommended to do so after completing the main story. The dungeon is challenging as all enemies are leveled at 50, so it's suggested to attempt it starting from level 40. Change the difficulty to World Tier 2 to access the dungeon.

10.2. Complete Remaining Renown Stages in All Zones:

Once you have completed the main story, make sure to complete the remaining Renown stages in all zones. Stages 4 and 5 are locked behind World Tier 3, so you should have completed the Capstone Dungeon first.

10.3. Explore the Tree of Whispers:

The Tree of Whispers, located in Hawezar, rewards you for completing challenges and activities throughout the game world. These activities are often lucrative and provide you with experience and items. Additionally, by completing rewards, you will also earn Nightmare Sigils, which are necessary to activate Nightmare Dungeons.

10.4. Engage in Nightmare Dungeons:

Nightmare Dungeons are a key activity in Diablo 4's endgame. Once you obtain your first Sigil (likely from the Tree of Whispers), you'll be able to delve into these dungeons. Complete Nightmare Dungeons to obtain more Sigils and face more challenging encounters. These dungeons will also allow you to level up the glyphs on your Paragon board.

10.5. Participate in Helltides:

Helltides is an event that appears on the map for players at World Tier 3 or higher. For one hour, monsters killed in the affected area will drop a special temporary coin. These coins can be used to unlock chests in the Helltide area, where you can obtain valuable Forgotten Souls, a crafting material needed for enchanting Sacred and Ancestral items.

10.6. Complete the Level 70 Capstone Dungeon:

Once you have reached level 70, you can complete the Level 70 Capstone Dungeon, which will unlock World Tier 4 and Ancestral items, the highest possible level. Make sure you are adequately prepared, as the enemies and final boss are highly challenging.

10.7. Participate in Legion Events and World Bosses:

Legion events and world bosses are marked on the map and are recommended activities to participate in at World Tiers 3 and 4. These events reward with good items and experience, especially Legion events. Join other players in the marked area and defeat the enemies together.

11. Conclusion.

In summary, we have discussed several important aspects of the game Diablo IV, focusing on the leveling of the Necromancer, legendary item Aspects, equipment choices and stat priority while leveling, and tips for end-game content after reaching level 50.

For the leveling of the Necromancer, we have explored the Bone Spear and Corpse Explosion build, highlighting its high damage and smoothness on the battlefield. We have also mentioned the importance of unlocking and using class-specific abilities, such as the Book of the Dead, to maximize the potential of the build.

Regarding legendary item Aspects, we have emphasized the need to complete specific dungeons to unlock Aspects in the Codex of Power and the importance of choosing the right Aspects that enhance our abilities and gameplay strategies. We have also noted the possibility of finding more powerful Aspects on discarded legendary items.

In terms of equipment choices and stat priority while leveling, we have provided advice on prioritizing higher total damage output, paying attention to modifiers such as damage against Vulnerable Targets, critical hit chance, critical hit damage, and lucky hit chance. We have also mentioned the recommended gems for each type of equipment slot.

For end-game content after reaching level 50, we have provided a list of activities to consider, such as completing the Level 50 Capstone Dungeon, achieving full Renown in all zones, exploring the Tree of Whispers, facing Nightmare Dungeons, participating in Helltides, completing the Level 70 Capstone Dungeon, and participating in Legion events and world bosses.