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Welcome to the ultimate guide on Basilisks in Slayer for Old School RuneScape (OSRS)!

In this exciting adventure, you will delve into the mysterious world of Basilisks and learn everything you need to know to successfully confront these formidable creatures. Get ready to discover their strengths and weaknesses, master the most effective strategies, and reap abundant rewards as you become a feared Basilisk hunter.

Let's venture into the darkness and uncover the secrets these formidable monsters have in store for you! The thrill is about to begin!


The Basilisk is a Slayer creature that demands a Slayer level of 40 for extermination. Similar to cockatrices, adventurers must equip either a mirror shield or V's shield when engaging these formidable foes. A Defense level of 20 is necessary to receive basilisks as a Slayer task, as this enables the usage of the shield. Obtaining a basilisk task from Duradel, Nieve, or Konar requires the acquisition of the "Basilocked" slayer reward, which costs 80 points. Basilisks possess below-average accuracy for their level but boast high Defense capabilities.

The strategy

Basilisks are particularly vulnerable to crush attacks, making weapons like the leaf-bladed battleaxe and the dragon mace exceptionally potent when used in melee combat. The dragon mace typically delivers similar damage per second as the dragon scimitar, whereas the leaf-bladed battleaxe boasts approximately 5% higher damage per second than either.

In the absence of the mirror shield, each hit from a Basilisk will significantly reduce the player's combat stats. While the Protect from Melee prayer can be employed to mitigate some of the damage, the stats will still experience a decrease.

You can safely attack Basilisks from the southern entrance of their area in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon by utilizing the south-east wall to halt their movement. However, this tactic doesn't eliminate the necessity for a mirror shield, as they still possess a ranged drain attack. Alternatively, you can utilize the rocks on either side of the room to create other safespots, causing the Basilisk to get stuck on the opposite side of the rocks or pebble. It's essential to note that setting up a dwarf multicannon within the dungeon is not allowed.

stats basilisk

¿How to access Basilisks in OSRS?

Basilisks can be encountered in two different locations: the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon and Jormungand's Prison. Among these, the Fremennik Dungeon is the more commonly frequented area for players seeking to defeat Basilisks. To reach the Dungeon, you can utilize the following methods:

1. Use a Slayer ring teleport to reach the entrance quickly.

2. Utilize the Fairy code A-J-R for direct access to the location.

the Fremennik Dungeon map

Basilisk's are located in the middle

The Basilisk’s Knights

The Basilisk’s Knights

Basilisk Knights are formidable Slayer creatures located in Jormungand's Prison beneath the Island of Stone. To engage them, you must have a Slayer level of 60 and have completed The Fremennik Exiles quest.

The basilisk knight boasts an enhanced drop table compared to regular basilisks and has a chance to drop the coveted basilisk jaw. This jaw serves as an upgrade item for the Helm of Neitiznot, transforming it into the powerful Neitiznot faceguard.

It's important to note that players are unable to use a dwarf multicannon on Basilisk Knights within Jormungand's Prison. The only locations where players can deploy a cannon in the Prison are those areas occupied by dagannoth creatures.

Attack Styles:

The Basilisk Knight's standard attacks follow a pattern of alternating between Magic and Melee styles, featuring an attack speed of 2.4 seconds and a maximum hit of 20.

However, when engaged from a distance beyond melee range, the Basilisk Knight's attacks behave differently. In this scenario, the knight will solely utilize Magic attacks and will retaliate only when provoked by the player. Consequently, while fighting from a distance, the basilisk knights' attack speed matches that of the weapon used by the player to attack them.


Level 60 to deal damage against the Basilisk Knights.

Completion of The Fremennik Exiles to access Jormungand's Prison on the Island of Stone.


High combat stats. Although not required, see the skill levels below for an indication of the advised stats

If using Melee

Level attack 80 or higher

Level strength 80 or higher

Level defence 80 or higher

Level hitpoints 80 or higher

Level prayer 70 or higher for the Piety prayer

If using Ranged

Level ranged 75 or higher

Getting to the Basilisk Knights:

To reach the Basilisk Knights in Jormungand's Prison beneath the Island of Stone, follow these steps:

1. Head to the north-western docks in Rellekka using any of the following methods:

Teleport using Fremennik sea boots.

Use a Lunar isle teleport or Player-owned house portal to Lunar Isle, then get kicked off the island by speaking to any citizen to arrive at Rellekka.

Teleport to Waterbirth Island and ask Jarvald to ferry you directly to Rellekka.

Utilize an enchanted lyre to teleport to Waterbirth Island or Rellekka.

2. Once you arrive at Rellekka's docks, speak to Haskell, who is located at the most western dock. He will transport you to the Island of Stone.

3. After arriving on the Island of Stone, head briefly north to find the entrance to Jormungand's Prison.

4. Once inside the dungeon, travel briefly south-west to reach the room where the battle against The Jormungand took place during The Fremennik Exiles quest. This area is now inhabited by Basilisk Knights.

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The strategy


When engaging in melee combat with Basilisk Knights, it is advisable to maintain the Protect from Magic prayer at all times and endure their melee hits. Ensure you bring an ample supply of Prayer potions, high-healing food like Sharks, runes for High Level Alchemy, and super combat potions.


To minimize damage from Basilisk Knights' melee attacks, use the Protect from Magic prayer and adopt the Ranged attack style while keeping a distance from the creatures. A prime location for this tactic is just outside the entryway to the room where the Basilisk Knights reside. They are unable to pass through the one-tile wide doorway and can only utilize magic attacks.


Ironman and those aiming to conserve prayer potions may prioritize prayer bonus over range. Opting to wear monk's robes while on a Basilisk Slayer task can be an effective strategy. A high range level combined with a slayer helm (i) ensures reasonably accurate hits while providing a significantly increased prayer bonus compared to black d'hide or god d'hide armor. If using prayer flicking while ranging the knights, remember that their attack speed aligns with the weapon used for the attack. The Knight's damage is calculated on the tick following the player's attack roll, making that the appropriate time to activate Protect from Magic.

For Ironman concerned about taking hits while Basilisk Knights are aggressive, utilizing proselyte armor is an option, as the proselyte hauberk does not interfere with Ava's devices. However, this is generally not recommended, since Monk's robes offer a +2 prayer bonus while having 26 range bonus over proselyte armor, making them the superior choice, provided the player has sufficient defense (80+) to withstand occasional hits.


For melee:

Equipment for mele

For Ranged:

Equipment for ranged

Slayer unlocks

Slayer unlocks


We hope this guide has been of great help in preparing you to face the fearsome Basilisk in Old School RuneScape! Now, you are ready to confront these creatures with confidence and master their strengths and weaknesses.

Always remember to carry your best weapons and equipment, along with a good dose of courage and strategy. May the rewards and treasures be plentiful in your adventures as a Basilisk hunter!

Good luck, and may you enjoy every moment of your thrilling journey in the world of OSRS! Until next time, may your future victories be legendary!