1-99 Archaeology Guide RS3

1-99 Archaeology Guide RS3

Archaeology stands as a gathering skill that beckons players to delve into the past, unearthing an assortment of materials, soil, and artefacts. Armed with mattocks, adventurers embark on a process of excavation, meticulously uncovering hidden treasures from the earth's embrace. The excavation process is accompanied by a telltale blue progress bar suspended above the player, a visual indicator of their tireless efforts. Once this progress bar reaches its zenith, the fruits of labor emerge in the form of a damaged artefact.



Mattocks reign as the indispensable implements within the realm of Archaeology, serving as the bedrock tools for excavating and unearthing ancient wonders. Comparable to the pickaxes wielded by miners, mattocks adhere to a progression parallel to your burgeoning Archaeology proficiency. As your Archaeology level ascends, so too does your capacity to wield superior mattocks, mirroring the evolutionary trajectory of pickaxes in mining.

Mattocks list

Other useful equipment

Bonus experience, experience lamps, the wisdom auras, Wise perk, torstol incense, refer a friend, clan avatar, advanced pulse cores, and archaeologist's tea are all helpful for boosting XP/hr.

Skilling outfits

Archaeology outfit

Nestled within the Archaeology Guild Shop are two distinguished ensembles: the skilling outfit and its esteemed counterpart, the elite skilling outfit. These coveted attires are attainable through the exchange of chronotes, a currency peculiar to the realm of archaeology.

The zenith of these offerings is the complete archaeologist's outfit, a remarkable ensemble that confers a generous 6% augmentation to Archaeology experience gains. To attain this vestment, one must be prepared to invest 50,000 chronotes. However, this achievement is not solely a matter of currency—it requires a qualifying Associate status, underscoring the significance of having achieved a minimum Archaeology level of 70. With these prerequisites met, the comprehensive benefits of the archaeologist's outfit stand ready to bolster your archaeological endeavors, turning each foray into an opportunity for accelerated growth and knowledge acquisition.

Rewards shop boosts/upgrades

Rewards shop boosts/upgrades

Rewards shop boosts/upgrades 2


Varrock Digsite (Level 1 to 5)

Embarking on your Archaeology journey demands an audience with the Acting Guildmaster Reiniger, a pivotal first step that signals your entrance into a realm brimming with ancient mysteries. Engaging in conversation with this esteemed figure initiates the immersive Archaeology tutorial, an initiation into the discipline's intricacies and methodologies.

Emerging from this tutorial, a newfound expertise manifests as you attain a commendable Archaeology level of 5. This foundational knowledge sets the stage for further enlightenment, propelling you forward in pursuit of deeper insights into the past. At this juncture, the path unfurls towards the Kharid-et digsite, a realm of historical significance beckoning you to unravel its enigmas. As you heed this call and tread the soil of Kharid-et, each excavation and discovery becomes a testament to your growing prowess in the realm of Archaeology.

Levels 5–12

Upon arrival, the dig sites of Kharid-et open before you. By level 10, the ability to clear debris blocking gateways emerges, granting access to hidden corners. Engaging with Dr. Nabanik yields a precious jewel, a key to restoring historical fragments. Placing this gem on a door embodies your dedication and catapults you to level 12. Nearby excavations offer more experience. Amidst this journey, artefacts surface, bearing stories of the past waiting to be unveiled.

venator remains

Levels 12–24

When you reach this area, you start excavating wherever possible. By level 10, you should be able to start digging out debris preventing you from accessing the doorway to more dig sites in Karid-et. Once you have unlocked the entrance, interact with Dr. Nabanik to obtain a jewel you need to repair. Finish excavating the door until you can place the gem on it, which should yield enough experience for you to reach level 12. If you need more experience, you should spend more time excavating nearby. Here are Artefacts you can find in this area:

legionary remains

Levels 24–25

Go to the Infernal Source dig site. Upon using the lift, you will find yourself in the Star Lodge. You will see a furnace missing three crest of Dagon. One restored crest of Dagon and one crest of Dagon (damaged) may be found by opening the Star Lodge storage scattered around the room. They may also be found while excavating in the Lodge art storage hotspots. One goblet can be obtained from the Starry Eyed research mission.

lodge bar storage

Levels 25-29

Return to the Main Fortress located in Kharid-et. Upon arrival, navigate to the room situated to the South of the entrance, where the Administratum debris hotspots are waiting for your attention.

Engage in careful exploration and excavation in this area to uncover hidden relics and treasures within the debris hotspots. These valuable findings could significantly contribute to your archaeological progress and discoveries at the Kharid-et dig site.

administratum debris

Levels 29-42

Return to the Infernal Source and go to the new area unlocked from Eyes in Their Stars. Head down the path to the cultist footlocker spots in the south-east corner. One imp mask can be obtained from the Abandon All Hope research mission.

cultisl footlocker

Levels 42-45

Vanescula Drakan will extend an invitation for you to assist her at the Everlight dig site. Following the cutscene, make your way to the prodromoi remains. While excavating this site, you will come across Queen's journal pages, which are essential for solving the Queen of the Icyene mystery. You'll need a total of four pages to fully unravel this mystery.

In addition to the journal pages, as you continue excavating the Prodromoi remains, you'll randomly stumble upon Icyene remains. Gather these remains along with a restored 'frying pan'. Head to the graveyard located south of Vanescula Drakan and bury these items to conclude the Fallen Angels mystery.

Afterward, return to your excavation at the Prodromoi remains, continuing until you reach level 45.

prodomoi remainsi

Level 45 to 47

After reaching 45, you must return to the Infernal Source and excavate in the Dis Dungeon Debris area. This site will provide you with enough experience to get 48 quickly. Here are Artefacts you can find in this area:

dis dungeon debris

Level 47-48

By level 47, you must return to the Kharid-et and excavate in the Praesidio Remains, which you unlocked earlier by obtaining four Custodian's Log pages. In this area, you will need to farm to 48 and find a spare pendant, which you will need to access the level 58 zone in Kharid-et. Here are Artefacts you can see in this area:

praesidio remains

Level 48-51

Return to Everlight and grind in the Monoceros Remains area at this milestone until you reach the next bracket. Here are Artefacts you can find in this area:

monoceros remains

Level 51-56

At level 51, switch to the Amphitheatre debris.amphilheatre debris

Level 56-58

After reaching 58, you should head to the Ceramics Studio plot, accessible via a nearby door. Excavate in this place until you reach the next bracket. Here are Artefacts you can find in this area:

ceramics studio debris

Level 58-61

At level 58, revisit Kharid-et's prison and pass the red Legatus barrier. Restore a Pontifex signet ring from the Carcerem debris pile, adding it to your tool belt. Keep an extra ring for crafting a Pontifex observation ring post Azzanadra's Quest. Also, secure the 'Incite Fear' spell scroll for The Vault of Shadows mystery.

carcerem debris

Level 61 to 65

The Stadio Debris is the best place to earn exp from 61 to 65. Afterward, proceed to the next area. Here are Artefacts you can find in this area:

stadio debris

Levels 65 to 68

To amass experience between levels 65 and 68, your focus should be on Excavating within the Infernal Art vicinity. This location can be reached through two distinct routes: Firstly, by utilizing the previously unlocked portal. Alternatively, you can opt for the lift and press the numeral "three" at the entrance of the Infernal Source.

infernal art

Levels 68 to 69

The next spot to grind 68 to 69 is east of the Infernal Art. Here are Artefacts you can find in this area:

shakroth remains

Level 69 to 70

To proceed at this juncture, you need to meet two requirements: Attain level 70 and restore 250 Artifacts. For the initial goal, engage in excavation within the Dominion Games Podium situated in Everlight, pushing to reach the experience cap. By now, you should have amassed 250 relics throughout your leveling journey. If you find yourself a few items shy, you have the option to transition to the level 5 Venator Remains area and undertake excavation there until you fulfill the quota. In this location, you can unearth the following Artefacts:

dominion games podium

Level 70 to 72

Commencing at level 70, a significant milestone is reached as you unlock the Stormguard Citadel – a realm that will become your focal point from this point onward. Your time and efforts will largely be dedicated here. Begin by accumulating experience in the Ikovian Memorial area until you ascend to level 72, an achievement typically found in proximity to the portal within this region.

ikovian memorial

Levels 72 to 74

Go back to Everlight and farm exp in the Oikos Studio Debris section of the area until 74. Here are Artefacts you can find in this area:

oikos studio debris

Levels 74 to 76

At level 74, return to Kharid-et to excavate in the Kharid-et Chapel Debris spot. Here are Artefacts you can find in this area:

kharid-et chapel debri

Level 76 to 81

This marks your inaugural entry into the Warforge, a pivotal moment in your archaeological quest. Your path leads to the Gladiatorial Goblin Remains, where your focus should remain until you ascend to level 81. However, exercise discretion and only depart this region once you secure four Imcando metal pieces and a key – indispensable items for future endeavors.

gladiatorial goblin remains

Level 81 to 83

You have two effective pathways to swiftly reach level 83. The optimal route involves concentrated experience farming at specific locations. Begin by targeting the Crucible Stands Debris in the Warforge, followed by the Tailory Debris in the Stormguard. Conclude this sequence with the Pontifex Remains in Kharid-et.

All these locales are designed for level 81 excavation, ensuring a steady accumulation of experience without diverting your efforts towards procuring other valuable resources like batteries and artifacts. This focused approach guarantees a streamlined ascent towards level 83, allowing you to swiftly achieve your desired milestone.

Levels 83 to 84

Optimize your progress by dedicating significant efforts to the Goblin Dorm Remains – an area primed for extensive farming. This strategic choice will propel you towards level 84 efficiently. Within this location, you'll uncover a variety of noteworthy Artefacts:

goblin dorm debris

Levels 84 to 85

While it might seem tedious, traveling back to Everlight to excavate in the Oikos Fishing Hut Remnants is the fastest way to reach level 85. Here are Artefacts you can find in this area:

oikos fishing hut remains

Levels 85 to 86

Upon reaching level 85, your optimal experience-gathering hub becomes the Weapons Research zone within the Stormguard Citadel. This area ensures efficient progression as you work towards level 86. However, alongside this advancement, there's an additional objective to fulfill: the acquisition of five journal pages for the A Study in Aether Mystery. Hand these pages to Gee'ka once collected.

weapons research debris

Level 86 to 89

Should you possess the additional signet ring obtained earlier, venture into the Orcus Altar located within Kharid-et. This setting serves as an ideal backdrop for leveling between 86 and 89. While immersed in this task, keep an eye out for a distinct spell scroll, essential for the completion of The Vault of Shadows mystery.

orcus altar

Level 89 to 91

Should you possess the additional signet ring obtained earlier, venture into the Orcus Altar located within Kharid-et. This setting serves as an ideal backdrop for leveling between 86 and 89. While immersed in this task, keep an eye out for a distinct spell scroll, essential for the completion of The Vault of Shadows mystery.

big high war god shrine

Levels 91 to 92

Between levels 89 and 91, your prime locale for experience accumulation is the Big High War God Shrine within the Warforge. However, don't overlook a crucial stop at the Infernal Source, where you can excavate Dis Overspill piles to wrap up your collections. Additionally, while in the Warforge, mine the stacks to uncover journal pages essential for the Forge War! Mystery. These pages are to be presented to Zanik upon its completion.

gravition research debris

Levels 92 to 93

Aside from grinding from 92 to 93, you should also aim to acquire five journal pages for The Epic of Hebe mystery, which you turn over to Vanescula. Here are Artefacts you can find in this area:

acropolis debris

Levels 93 to 94

Transition to the Armarium Debris site within Kharid-et as you progress from level 93 to 94. In this location, your excavations will yield the following Artefacts:

armarium debris

Levels 94 to 95

Upon reaching level 94, make your way back to Warforge and venture into the Yu'Buisk Animal Pen. Engage in excavation within this area to unveil the following Artefacts:

yu´biusk animal pen

Levels 95 to 97

As you progress from levels 95 to 97, your focus should be on the Keshik Tower Debris. Before embarking, ensure your wingsuit is upgraded to avoid electrocution during travel. Dedicate your efforts to this area until you reach level 97, unearthing the following Artefacts:

keshik tower debris

Level 97 to 98

With level 99 within reach, your penultimate stop is the Goblin Trainee Remains within Warforge. As you delve into this area, you'll uncover the following Artefacts:

goblins trainee remains

Levels 98 to 99

The final stride towards level 99 in Archaeology takes you to the Byzroth Remains within the Infernal Source. As you engage in excavation here, remember that a visit to the Stormguard Citadel follows to hunt for blueprint pages. Within the Byzroth Remains, anticipate discovering the following Artefacts:

byzroth remains

Attain Guildmaster Qualification

Having fulfilled the prerequisites for this qualification, you're now poised to swiftly unlock the prestigious Guildmaster position. Earning this title grants you exclusive access to the elite Archaeology outfit, featuring unlimited teleportation, and secures the final component required for the coveted Mattoc of Time and Space.

This comprehensive journey encompasses all the steps necessary to achieve rank 99. While the process might not unfold as swiftly as anticipated, your commitment to time and diligence remains pivotal. Upon reaching this milestone, prepare yourself for the pursuit of level 120. After this accomplishment, it's wise to rest before embarking on the next arduous grind, which promises to be exceptionally demanding.